Testimonial and Referral

You can either submit a video testimonial about what you think of our program and/or refer someone to it. Simply enter the required information under the appropriate category and follow the instructions.
  • Testimonial Submission

    Whether you are a student or a parent who signed your child up for the Street Talk program you can submit a short video testimonial (1 minute or less) about what you thought of our program. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Record your testimonial and save the video file on whatever device you are using.
    2. Enter your name and email address in the fields below.
    3. Upload your file below (note that your video file will have to be on the device that you using to access this page).
    4. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Client Referral

    If you wish to refer someone to our program please follow these instructions:

    1. Contact the person you would like to refer to our program. Make sure they are interested in having us contact them.
    2. Enter their name and email address in the form below.
    3. Enter your name and email in the space provided.
    4. Click "SUBMIT"